Making Your Business Better

When we refer to Operations, we include three main disciplines that include: Organizational Development, Performance Management, and Business Development

SES’s operational model takes what we learned from our strategy development and puts it into action. We mobilize strategic objectives through these three disciplines, while working side by side with your company executives and management team.

Our relational and flexible delivery style enables our clients to tailor their focus to what matters most, and drill down to identify the metrics and drivers that have a direct impact on performance

Addressing Your Organizational Development

SES’s Organizational Development process starts with a comprehensive organizational assessment that identifies the organizations strengths and weaknesses. We evaluate leadership’s ability to transfer knowledge and skills within the organization to improve decision making. This process improves your organization’s capacity to solve problems and manage future change.

Improving Performance Management

SES’s performance management tools pave a clear path to financial goal achievement by measuring performance and increasing accountability. We work with decision makers to define clear performance indicators that link company and employee performance to the strategic plan and related financial goals.

When employees know their contribution will be measured and understand how their contribution fits into the company’s strategy, it promotes enhanced performance, increased profitability, and ultimately, greater enterprise value.

Developing Your Business

We help our clients assess marketing and sales performance, with emphasis on market positioning, transaction profitability, and customer relationship management. SES links the business development strategy with an action plan that includes performance goals and results measurement.