What does success look like and how do you get there? Do you have a vision for your business and a plan to bring it to reality? Do you have the resources to make it happen?

These are the primary questions that SES helps business executives and owners answer by performing an in-depth analysis of the organizational culture, the products and services, and the markets served. SES assists clients in the development of a corporate strategy that is aligned to the capabilities of your business and the opportunities in the marketplace. We believe strategy begins with the development of a company vision that reflects the organization's leadership and management capacity, the products and services they provide, and the markets they serve:

The Capacity of Leadership and Management

  • Do you have the right people and a congruent culture?
  • What are the key performance indicators? Where is the data?
  • Does management have the required decision support tools and the authority to use them?
  • What is your approach to organizational development?

Your Products & Services:

  • What need do you answer?
  • Are you the low-cost or the high-performance provider?
  • Do you have undiscovered pricing power or adjacent opportunities with your existing portfolio?
  • Do you know what you DON’T do?

What Market Do You Serve?

  • Who are your customers?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are the trends and where are the investment opportunities?
  • Do you know where you DON’T go?

Synthetic Equity Strategies helps companies engage in the iterative process of evaluating the three key business attributes shown above. We identify gaps and opportunities to build a strategy that aligns the capabilities of the company with the vision of management. Successful companies grow by investing time and resources into the products and services that show potential for growth, and by consistently evaluating their management and culture for behavioral barriers or gaps in decision support processes and tools. We work with your operations to sharpen your processes and tools, enabling you to successfully execute an improved plan. Let us help you build a more successful future.